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Beginning in the 90s, Vietnamese government implemented economic reform successfully, helping Vietnam become among the most attractive investment destinations worldwide.

Food and beverage processing is one of the largest industries in Vietnam. Seafood is processed for export, while coffee and tea are processed both for export and for domestic consumption. Other beverages and a variety of condiments also are produced in significant quantities. Vietnam has long been a major producer of cement. The chemical industry has been growing, with fertilizer being its most important product. Steel is a major part of Vietnam's heavy industry. Because of their high prices, cement, fertilizer, and steel are among the greatest contributors to the country's economic sector. Garments and textiles are of increasing importance; silk production revived in the 1990s after a period of decline. Production of electronic equipment and motorcycles has similarly expanded, and in the early years of the 21st century automobile manufacturing has been Vietnam's fastest growing industry. Other important manufactures include footwear, tobacco products, paints, soaps, and pharmaceuticals etc.

The service sector also represents excellent investment opportunities since the restrictions have been opening up in key sectors which had been state-owned for a long period of time: finance, telecommunication, media etc.

You can have an outlook at Vietnam's major industries on the left menu. We are working to frequently renew it while deepening into a specific segment of those on the list or presenting new indutries.

Along with frequent industry reports, Arrow Consulting will keep customers updated with news related to Vietnam's key industries.

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