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Vietnam is a dynamic and challenging market. Having become WTO member, it is rapidly adopting the principles of wordl trade regulation.

Our Vietnamese business and investment consultants are specialised in carrying out detailed market research among professionals and high-level opinion-makers. It operates in almost all commercially significant sectors. Our research team has a unique record in learning the value added through the supply chain, and the choke points which need to be controlled. Arrow Consulting’s staff is trained in turning information into actionable results; ensuring companies optimize their market entry.

Arrow Consulting’s competitive advantage is in identifying the operating and competitive environments, which a new entrant will face, and in defining the best individual approaches to these. In some cases, its clients are seeking to work through or take over an existing distribution system. In others, their target is an in-country investment. Our work includes:

    Vietnam market forecasts
    Competitor analysis
    Vietnam distribution channel analysis
    Pricing and value added research
    Identification of merger and acquisition targets in Vietnam
    Vietnam entry phasing
    Business plans and feasibility studies
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