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Tuong Bui graduated in Entrepreneurial Economics at Freiberg University, Germany. Since returning to Vietnam in 1996, he has hold key positions while working in both governmental (Vietnam Ministry of Planning and Investment) and private sector. Tuong completed Master of Business Administration at Washington State University, Pullman, US. He also had valuable working experience in Germany. Tuong can count on his consulting experience though a number of market and development research projects by private as well as governmental institutions. Tuong is fluent in English, German and Spanish. In addition he leads day-to-day Vietnam business of Octagona, a premier business consulting firm of Italy.

Fields of expertise:
Civil Engineering
Vehicle Manufacturing & Trading
Media and Marketing
Merger and Acquisition




Nong Hoang graduated in Moscow, Russia and held MBA degree of Transport Planning. Nong is among Vietnam’s high-rated experts in international trade and industry. He held various leading position in engineering and communication firms. Nong is fluent in English and Russian.

Fields of expertise:
International Trade
New Product Marketing


Anh Tran graduated at Hanoi Architecture University and held a Master of Civil Engineering. Currently he also heads an enterprise specialized in master-planning building projects. Anh is among the top young successful entrepreneur in Vietnam, who has participated into a number of high-profiled projects: housing complex, office buildings, industrial parks, city planning. His expertise and reputation as well as his experiences in domestic and international projects in Vietnam has helped him become a highly reliable partner with extensive connections in Vietnam's civil engineering projects. Anh is fluent in English.

Fields of expertise:
Civil Engineering
International Trade
Design and Architecture
Construction Material Science
Real Estate Project Development



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