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The last 5 years recorded the immense development of infrastructure although the country is still well short of international standard. Big civil engineering projects for 5 coming years are seen for new and renovation of power stations, gas pipeline, streets, highways and bridges as well as telecommunication, water engineering and container sea ports.

The end of 2005 marked the begin of 2 giant project: Dung Quat Oil Refinery (US$2.5bill) and Son La Hydroelectric Power Plant (2,400MW; US$2.6bill). The Ministry of Transport plans to spend US$4bill until 2010 for seaport system

The plan of Nuclear Power Plant construction has been ratified. Until 2010, industry experts will be trained for competency, together with the issuing of related legal frame. The construction of the first nuclear power plant should begin in 2015.

Along with the construction boom, construction materials have become the rising industry with significant involvement of foreign investor. Vietnam’s demand of cement at 2006 was app. 33 mill tones, among the top 25 countries worldwide. The rate of development of other materials has also been astonishing: steel, ceramic etc. with the major part (in many cases 100%) of high-quality products to be imported from abroad.

The government is working on an incentive scheme for both domestic and foreign investors in construction material manufacturing with the objectives (i) boost the export of construction materials from Vietnam and (ii) improve the quality of local made products. The goal is set at US$1bill of construction material export in 2010.

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